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Abacus- A program that goes beyond Math



Abacus- A program that goes beyond Math

Kids at an early age have highly receptive brain functions. They are most likely to retain maximum information about things they come across. Hence, introducing them to programs that can invigorate their developing brain to reasoning is very important.

Training young minds with Abacus has been the forte of Mastermind Abacus for the last 23 years. This Abacus Training activates both the left and right parts of the brain to ensure the whole brain development of the Abacus Students. One great achievement of these Abacus math classes is that children learn to do Mental Math without depending on any gadget.

Math is certainly not the most popular subject among many young kids. In fact, math phobia is a common problem faced by students and acknowledged by parents and teachers equally. The disinterest in Math and a not very clear basic understanding often result in the children shying away from math. The introduction of after-school programs like Abacus Training online or offline can instill a liking for math in the kids for a lifetime.

The success achieved by kids at Mastermind Abacus online classes while performing mental math imbibes a lot of confidence in young children. And, it goes without saying confidence has a ripple effect on the overall academic performance of the child and also beyond.

To list down the astonishing advantages of are:

1. Cognitive Development

Initial Abacus Training requires the students to use the Abacus instrument physically, where they learn to calculate the numbers by moving the beads. Later over a period, they are asked to imagine the abacus, move the imaginary beads mentally and complete the calculations.

The result is that in the Abacus classes the kids do Mental Math without taking the help of the Abacus tool. The speed at which they perform these mental calculations is often more than mesmerizing to the audience. This is achieved in the Abacus classes for kids as the training process enhances their listening abilities, visualization ability, memory, and recall has a hugely positive effect on their cognitive development. The confidence thus gathered and exhibited is infectious.

2. Logical Ability & enhanced Creativity

Thinking logically requires an active Right brain. The Abacus course online or offline requires the child to use both left and right hands for moving the beads for completing a calculation. This process activates both the hemispheres of the brain. In the process of doing the calculation, the kids have to use several formulas and apply logic to achieve the correct bead position. This develops in the child an ability to think logically and also have enhanced creative abilities which is also a reflection of their extraordinary visualization acumen.  

3.  A focused mind with great listening ability

As also mentioned earlier, Mastermind Abacus is not just an Abacus Math program, rather it is a whole-brain development program. The entire Abacus Training program requires the child to listen carefully, move the beads accordingly, read the final bead position in its numerical value and get the correct answer. This has to be completed in a very short time. This obviously requires the abacus student to be highly focused with great concentration. They get trained not to be distracted.  They are a focused lot.

These are only a few of the abilities that will help in the comprehensive advancement of young minds.  But of course, there is simply a lot more to the Mastermind Abacus E-learning program.

Registering your child with Mastermind for its Abacus E-learning program or for offline abacus classes would certainly be a great decision that you could make as a parental responsibility towards your child.

We are the only abacus programs that provide you with the option of the world’s first live Abacus E-learning which provides the best abacus online classes and also conventional Abacus classes. Our online Abacus training of the students is all developed on Abacus math-based games. These games are highly engaging that allow the child to learn in the process of playing. It also ensures that the kids go on to complete the 2 and half year Abacus course without dropping out.

Naturally, they emerge as champions with great memory, understanding, concentration, and confidence.

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