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You might be a trainer for a company that provides abacus training for kids, and so you might understand the importance of having a good image in the child’s mind. As you observe a child, so are the children very observant about their teacher, so a lot of their performance in the subjects depends on their adaptability of the teacher. Abacus is a course which is developed as a whole brain development for kids.


Therefore, being an abacus trainer you need to consider the below mention pointers that will help you deliver your lessons better to your students.


1.      Know the Subject


It is extremely important for the trainer to have thorough knowledge about the subject before it can actually be delivered to the students. For this, it becomes a priority to be well prepared with the lesson plan and the content which has to be taught to the children on the day of the class.


2.      Be Presentable!


As mentioned earlier that the children are very observant and their concentration and interest might well get affected by your appearance. So, it is important that you take time to get ready for the abacus classes, and do consider being dressed up in a pleasant manner.


3.      Be Open, Friendly and Approachable


Make the environment of class light, start your class with a joke and encourage students to ask questions. This helps them in getting more clarity about the subject and understanding it better. Be concerned and friendly, it would enhance their performance. Create an environment where children wait to meet you, rather than  you waiting for them to come for the class.


4.      Create interest and keep involved


A child requires individual attention and so you must provide enough opportunities for each student to get involved in the class and be participative. Do not adopt monotonous teaching methods. Make the abacus learning experience joyful and playful for kids by understanding their psychology.


Now, before being able to apply all this into action, you should be trained to teach the abacus course and mental arithmetic to children. For this purpose, it becomes critical to be trained meticulously so as to provide quality education to the students.


Master Mind Abacus offers a best training solution to all the faculties of its abacus franchises through the “Virtual Abacus”. It is a software that is a virtual teacher available to the trainer at any point of time. It can be used as a reference source if you get stuck while doing complex numeric calculations and will direct you to the solution by displaying appropriate hand movements. It also ensures you are always prepared to deliver the best every time.

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