Right Age To Start Abacus Training For Kids



Most of the parents are in a dilemma of what exactly is the right age to put their kids into abacus course. And when they try to get the answers from their network of family and friends, they get ‘n’ number of answers which confuses them even more.


So, this blog would answer the question “When to start abacus program for children?” and hopefully help those parents seeking an appropriate and relevant answer.


The Right Age!


Everyone knows that all the companies have been providing abacus classes to children between the age of 4 to 14 years, dividing the whole program into 10 levels. It now becomes severely important to know why this age is chosen for providing abacus training.


The reason is that 75% of the development of neocortex of the brain occurs between this age. Therefore, if a child gets into abacus program at an early age, it utilizes functions of left and right brain through movement of both hands. This enhances skills like visualization, listening, concentration, logical reasoning, memorizing and recalling along with developing superior mental arithmetic abilities.


The children between the age of 4-14 years are absorbent and so they adapt early whatever is been taught to them. Also they are not loaded with too many responsibilities and their minds can be polished to increase their performance and make them competent for facing future challenges.


Some advises to be considered by parents before making the kids join the abacus course:


·         Since the course is of 10 levels, therefore initiate the course for your kid timely so that they are comfortable in managing the school syllabus and abacus training together

      Make sure your child practices abacus questions for few minutes every day to get effective results and better performance

·         Choose a course from a company that understands your child’s psychology and teach them through innovative methods without giving them a mental stress and pressure

·         A small child’s mind is like a blank paper, so before you allow something to be written on it make sure it is effective, knowledgeable and would help them in future


Master Mind Abacus offers a uniquely conceptualized program to children that give them a joyful experience through an environment of being in a play while they are actually learning the course. This becomes possible through an innovative methods for example- Score Board and Point Card Systems that involves the child in all the activities in class.


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