How Can Abacus Help In A Student

Abacus training benefits


Abacus training has gained popularity over the last two decades. It was considered to be a math tool that enhances the mental arithmetic calculations which was the obvious effect of the abacus training program but it certainly has a lot more to be known for.


…It’s a Brain Development tool!

As the abacus utilizes both the hands for its functioning and performing mental maths calculations, it sends stimuli to both the left and right sides of brain. This increases the working of the brain and utilizes even the right side of brain which is dormant in 90% of the population who are right handed.


As the development of 75% of neocortex in the brain occurs during the age of 4 to 14 years, it is the perfect time for getting abacus training for kids which would nurture this natural process of development.


…It makes kids confident and competent!

Since the functioning of brain becomes stronger, kids are able to understand every subject better, and so their performance gets enhanced. This makes them confident to attempt complex problems with ease.


In this competitive age, it gives abacus students an edge over others by preparing them to excel in every field that they participate in.


Master Mind Abacus program aims on the progress of each and every student. Therefore, gift your kids an abacus training program with Master Mind this season and make them over-power others with their enhanced ability of learning.

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