Unique Teaching Techniques- Part I

Hence, we have structured unique techniques for teaching Abacus to kids. Let us understand one of these techniques in detail.   This method ensures active participation of each student in the class. In this method, the performance of all the students inside and outside classroom are recorded on a …



Why Choose Master Mind For Abacus Learning?

How would you know if you are admitting your child to the Right Place?   Most of the companies offering Abacus courses have been teaching methods that are directly taken from those taught by foreign countries. It, therefore, becomes difficult for the child to learn two contradictory systems, whic …



Technology In Abacus Training

Hence Master Mind Abacus, being into Abacus training for kids since almost 17 years, initiated to couple technology with the traditional means of study so as to deliver ace services to children. Our Research and Development team understood the demands of the modern requirements to educate children, …



Why Mental Arithmetic Is Essential?

Let us showcase how mental arithmetic helps in stimulating the brain and what benefits does it provide:   ·         It increases the logical thinking ability of an individual as the brain is consciously involved into dealing with the numbers while perfo …



Top 7 Facts About Abacus

1.    1.  Abacus is one of the most primitive calculating devices known. It is still being used in some countries for calculations. 2.    2.  China is majorly considered to be the place of origin of Abacus. The originally written documentation on Chinese ab …