Course Books For Abacus Students

The course content is systematic and organized level wise (for all the 10 levels). This ensures the right method of both teaching and learning Abacus for kids.   The books help the students to practice Abacus effectively both in the classroom and out. We provide the best study material for each l …



Student's Kit For Abacus Learning

To ensure the best outcome of the Abacus training, we provide the students with a kit apart from conducting the weekly classes. The Abacus kit we provide to the students consists of:   ·         Course Book for each level separately guarantying quality practice ·         Master M …

Become an Abacus Trainer


Becoming An Abacus Trainer

Now to supply these demands, education companies like ours have been serving a large number of students with their top-rated programs through our vast franchise network. We, therefore, realize the importance of quality trainers for Abacus and so encourage dynamic educators to train kids for the sam …



Effects Of Abacus Training On Memory

Abacus is a proven technique to enhance all these skills and therefore Abacus training is given to small kids for improving these abilities at an early age. In this post we will be discussing the effect of Abacus learning on the memorizing abilities in children.   It visualizes beads up to nine di …



Unique Teaching Techniques- Part II

Point Card System   The children perform and accumulate points in each class which they can redeem to get gifts of their choice. These points can even be carried forward to the next level, which means the points accumulated in different levels can all be redeemed together for a bigger gift.   To …