Abacus And Its Evolution

What is Abacus?   Abacus is an ancient instrument which was discovered 2500 years ago, and was used for doing mental arithmetic calculations. The instrument was made of frames (wood etc.) which had beads made of sand, stones, pebbles etc. It made use of both the hands to move beads and perform cal …



Master Mind Conducts Online Abacus Competitions

As a concerned parent, you might seek for the best quality education services for your child. Since you are reading this blog, you are already aware about the Abacus program and its offerings. If you are in search for how Master Mind is different from other companies, here is our unique feature th …



Wholesome Brain Development Through Abacus Program

It is an interesting fact to know that our brain functions are divided into two parts namely the left brain functions and right brain functions. The left brain functions are related to logical thinking, reasoning abilities etc., while the right brain functions are more related to creativity and inn …



Master Mind’s Speed Building Software

Our Speed Building Software ensures training students by giving them an opportunity to learn while playing. This software involves full engagement from children by making them do their abacus practice on their computers. It start to put up questions one after the other on the screen. The students c …



Business Opportunities For Abacus Franchises

Abacus was discovered in ancient times as a device for performing mental arithmetic problems. It has become popular over the last two decades due to its power to benefit the children (especially between the ages of 4 to 14 years) as it works as a complete brain development program.   Educat …