Top 7 Facts About Abacus

1.    1.  Abacus is one of the most primitive calculating devices known. It is still being used in some countries for calculations. 2.    2.  China is majorly considered to be the place of origin of Abacus. The originally written documentation on Chinese ab …



Why Supplementary Education Is Important?

In a developing economy like India, where agriculture is the primary source of income, education is the second big thing on which the country spends. In the year 2011, India spent 3.2% of their GDP on education.   Both parents and students are aware that if they perform well in academics, they can …



5 Major Application Areas Of Abacus

Under mentioned are the 5 different application areas of Abacus:   1.      In the ancient times, merchants and traders made use of the Abacus device as a counting tool. Initially they used Abacus for counting their goods, but later when goods were transported in higher …



Abacus And Its Benefit..

Abacus is the most primitive calculating device. This ancient system in the modern age aims on developing the power of the brain and also amplifies the arithmetic abilities. Its effect can be best observed in children of age between 4 to 14 years, as during this age 75% of brain development takes pl …



Structure Of Abacus

Structure of the device   Primitive Age Middle Age Modern Age Application of Abacus Today   …