Concentration, Listening Ability, Memory And Recall, Why And How Are They So Important

At a first glance, the four qualities mentioned in the title of this blog don’t appear that significant but let me assure you these four, or I may say the lack of them is the prime cause behind the most common problem we come across in the academic performance of kids. In layman’s language, it i …



Learning Abacus Benefits

Abacus, the ancient calculating tool solely used initially for purpose of doing higher arithmetic calculation has emerged as a holistic brain development program for kids. While improved Mathematical calculation is the immediately visible outcome, the list of benefits of Abacus learning goes much be …



Abacus Training And The Science Involved

Students undergoing Abacus training perform better in their academics as compared to those non-abacus students. They are more confident and in general score better and are able to grab opportunities more than the other students not only in school but also in life. These extraordinary results only fo …



Abacus Online Training and International Competition

It is said and proved that anything related to Arithmetic Calculations enhances the logical and creative ability of the human brain.When we refer to the children between the age of 5 to 14, this is the age when the brain develops at a very fast pace and this is the age when the brain accumulates lot …



Make It A Whole Brain Development For Your Ward With Mastermind Abacus

Mastermind Abacus gives an exclusive gaming region for kids to practice and study Abacus as well as mental math within a playful surrounding. This pleasant and joyous podium makes learning enjoyable. The innovative teaching techniques acclimatized by us guarantee easy grabbing of teachings by kids. …