Teaching Mental Math to younger kids

It is a common perception that doing mental math is not easy for younger kids. But on the contrary, the fact is that these early learners have great abilities like the ability to visualize and the capability to imagine. These are two important attributes that come in handy in learning to do mental m …



Are classes like Abacus, etc., really helpful to Indian kids?

This very question is being asked, as I read between the lines it probably is indicating at the point that Indian Kids and Indian as such are good at Math. So why do they need anything like an Abacus or a Kumon? Well, it is not like that. Even if it were correct that Indians are good at Math, if Aba …



Difference Between Abacus and Vedic Maths

This is one question that has been asked very often. To start with, both Vedic Math and Abacus are ancient methods of calculation. Both these systems were created in the ancient era to facilitate small, large and complex calculations that too mentally without the help of any physical calculating dev …



Mastermind Abacus National Level Competition 2021 your opportunity to shine like Sirius

Math remains the most important subject in a student’s academic life and excellence in math, the key to success. Developing and sharpening mental math skills at an early age ensures your kids never encounter math phobia and have an excellent logical brain. It is imperative to give your child not o …



Abacus Learning leads to a better understanding of Math calculation

Abacus learning has now been established to be having great positive effects on mathematical abilities as compared to those following conventional methods of learning math. Their grades are higher and they exhibit a lot more confidence than their other classmates. With such a lot of astonishing achi …