Benefits of Teaching Children Maths Using Abacus

Abacus is the wonder tool being used in several countries for training children to learn fundamentals of Mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The most important question to be answered is, how Abacus works and what are the other advantages of Abacus other than learnin …



Abacus Learning Transformation from In-Person to Virtual Platform

Corona pandemic, Lock down, closed schools, locked-in students are all unfavorable negative words that the world population has been facing for almost 18 months now. This has left parents flabbergasted with no clues whatsoever when it came to the children"s education. The demand for online learning …



Abacus- A program that goes beyond Math

Kids in the early ages have highly receptive brain functions. They are most likely to retain maximum information about things they come across. Hence, introducing them to programs that can invigorate their developing brain to reasoning is very important.Training young minds with Abacus has been the …



How Abacus Classes develop creativity in young minds?

Abacus is an over 3000-year-old calculating device, developed in China and later modified in Japan. It was widely used as a calculation device by merchants in the good old days, majorly in the Asian and African Countries.Abacus is still in use. In fact, Abacus is now taught in organized Abacus Class …



Why Learning Abacus is being emphasized?

A question that parents constantly look for an answer to is, why make a child learn Abacus in this hi-tech era when calculation can be done by a mere click on a calculator? Well, the question is very logical, but the fact is that this technological advancement itself is the major reason why we shoul …