How Abacus Classes develop creativity in young minds?

Abacus is an over 3000-year-old calculating device, developed in China and later modified in Japan. It was widely used as a calculation device by merchants in the good old days, majorly in the Asian and African Countries.Abacus is still in use. In fact, Abacus is now taught in organized Abacus Class …



Abacus Education, How To Reach It To The Vast Rural Student Population?

A vast majority of the Rural Student population is deprived of the facility of Abacus Education. Mainly because of the negligible availability of Abacus Training Centres and also lack of awareness among parents, students and schools too. The recent development of the Online Abacus Teaching and Learn …



Virtual Online Abacus Classes, The Myth Shattered. Want To Start Your Own?

We are now ready to formally launch Mastermind Abacus E-Learning Platform by 15th of Aug, 2021, the Independence Day of India.The advancement of technology and its integration with the Abacus has broken the myth and made Online Abacus Teaching and learning a reality. Abacus Teaching and Learning wil …



Abacus Online Training and International Competition

It is said and proved that anything related to Arithmetic Calculations enhances the logical and creative ability of the human brain.When we refer to the children between the age of 5 to 14, this is the age when the brain develops at a very fast pace and this is the age when the brain accumulates lot …



Becoming An Abacus Trainer

Now to supply these demands, education companies like ours have been serving a large number of students with its top rated programs through our vast franchise network. We therefore realize the importance of quality trainers for Abacus and so encourage dynamic educators to train kids for the same. & …