Abacus-Journey from a physical calculator to mental math tool

This write-up will give you all the information that you have been looking for about Abacus. You will get a glimpse into the journey of the Abacus from a simple calculator to a modern-day Brain development tool.About AbacusAbacus is a calculating device invented about 3000 years ago primarily in Chi …



Abacus Learning leads to a better understanding of Math calculation

Abacus learning has now been established to be having great positive effects on mathematical abilities as compared to those following conventional methods of learning math. Their grades are higher and they exhibit a lot more confidence than their other classmates. With such a lot of astonishing achi …



Abacus Learning Transformation from In-Person to Virtual Platform

Corona pandemic, Lock down, closed schools, locked-in students are all unfavorable negative words that the world population has been facing for almost 18 months now. This has left parents flabbergasted with no clues whatsoever when it came to the children"s education. The demand for online learning …



How Abacus Classes develop creativity in young minds?

Abacus is an over 3000-year-old calculating device, developed in China and later modified in Japan. It was widely used as a calculation device by merchants in the good old days, majorly in the Asian and African Countries.Abacus is still in use. In fact, Abacus is now taught in organized Abacus Class …



Abacus Education, How To Reach It To The Vast Rural Student Population?

A vast majority of the Rural Student population is deprived of the facility of Abacus Education. Mainly because of the negligible availability of Abacus Training Centres and also lack of awareness among parents, students and schools too. The recent development of the Online Abacus Teaching and Learn …