Learning Abacus-Prepares Kids For Future Competitions

When we talk about the awaiting world for the children of today, we can only say the competition is cut-throat. The academic journey is full of huge challenges. It is the responsibility of the Parents, the Schools and the Educationists to make this journey easy, effective and worthwhile for the gene …



A brief biography of The Great Mathematician Ramanujan by Mastermind Abacus

S. Ramanujan, a name reckoned by the World Mathematics Fraternity as one of the great contributors to Mathematics. He was born on the 22nd of Dec, 1987. We in India celebrate this day as the Indian National Mathematics Day.We Mastermind Abacus show our special remembrance on this day by publishing t …



Abacus-Journey from a physical calculator to mental math tool

This write-up will give you all the information that you have been looking for about Abacus. You will get a glimpse into the journey of the Abacus from a simple calculator to a modern-day Brain development tool.About AbacusAbacus is a calculating device invented about 3000 years ago primarily in Chi …



Mastermind Abacus National Level Competition 2021 your opportunity to shine like Sirius

Math remains the most important subject in a student’s academic life and excellence in math, the key to success. Developing and sharpening mental math skills at an early age ensures your kids never encounter math phobia and have an excellent logical brain. It is imperative to give your child not o …



Abacus Learning Transformation from In-Person to Virtual Platform

Corona pandemic, Lock down, closed schools, locked-in students are all unfavorable negative words that the world population has been facing for almost 18 months now. This has left parents flabbergasted with no clues whatsoever when it came to the children"s education. The demand for online learning …