ROI-‘Return On Investment’

Unlock Your Potential with Mastermind Abacus: Franchise Opportunity with high ROI

Welcome to Mastermind Abacus: Understanding the ROI and Success Factors of Franchise Investment.

As an investor, ROI is a key consideration. In traditional investments, an average annual return of 10 to 12% is considered good, while anything higher than 12% is considered excellent. However, franchise investment requires more than just financial investment – it also involves investing time and talent.

We understand that these additional investments should result in higher returns, which is why we offer the high ROI franchise opportunity in the industry. In addition to financial returns, our franchisees enjoy the non-financial benefit of the freedom to work for their passion, improving the quality of their lives.

With Mastermind Abacus, the ROI for your franchise will depend on the physical location of your center. For a rental premises where the franchisee is involved in teaching and managing the center, the Breakeven Point (BEP) can be achieved with just 25 to 30 students. With 60 to 70 students, the ROI can be expected to be more than 50% of your investment.

The success of your franchise will depend on effective marketing strategies and the number of admissions you receive. While the calculations provided are a general guideline, they may vary depending on the country, location, and establishment expenses.

Investment with Mastermind Abacus for high ROI.