Why Mental Arithmetic Is Essential?



Mental arithmetic is the ability to perform calculation using the brain without involving machines like calculators, computers etc. and even papers. Like exercising is important for us to stay healthy, similarly mental arithmetic is vital for stimulation the brain. These skills are best achieved during the early years of development.


Let us showcase how mental arithmetic helps in stimulating the brain and what benefits does it provide:


·         It helps in generating a better sense of numbers. This means that it develops an ability to understand that how numbers interact together

·         It increases the logical thinking ability of an individual as the brain consciously involves into dealing with the numbers while performing calculations

·         It enhances the speed of doing computations by performing mental mathematics that helps in quick derivation of solutions


Mental arithmetic plays a crucial role in our daily routines as we unknowingly do mental math when we exchange currencies or estimate time.


How to improve mental arithmetic skills?


Master Mind, an Abacus training institute, offers Abacus course for children that acts like a brain development tool along with amplifying their mental arithmetic. We teach mental maths to children in the right way!

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