Is Your Child Into The Right Abacus Course?



With an advent of plenty of supplementary and after-school educational programs, every parent expects their children to add extra skills in their knowledge base. One such program that is widely picked up by parents is the Abacus. Undoubtedly, Abacus training has lots in the bag to offer to kids’ right from an age as small as 4 to 5 years.

But, the question I would like to raise here is that “If you have put your child into the Abacus course, is it really the right one for your child?”

The problem


Not to scare you or something, but the fact is as there is a rise in the demands of Abacus learning for kids, there has evolved several mid or small sized companies to supply these demands. The sad part is that these companies do not have the systematic course structure, certified trainers, requisite infrastructure and other necessary tools to cater the Abacus training to students.

The Solution                                    

You as a concerned parent must mandatorily do the required amount of research and studies and rather perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis over each of the available options. Remember, you should utilize your hard-earned money at a place where you can get a high value from it. There are some premium companies that will make your child’s learning a treat. One such devoted company is the Master Mind Abacus.

Master Mind Abacus- Why choose it?

Though you must be aware about the Abacus, its benefits and the structure of Abacus course, let me still brief you a bit more. Abacus program is a 2 and half years course constituting 10 levels. After completion of each level, the student has to appear for an evaluation test for which he is awarded certificates. Now, during this long term of 2 years and a half, Master Mind Abacus aids all its students with tools and techniques that couples ancient abacus methods with modern technology.

1.       For students to appear for their Abacus exams, travelling to different centers across the nations is not feasible for students and parents every time. For this, Master Mind Abacus offers students an online platform where students can attempt for exam right from their home town. The students can choose from online and offline exam facility as per their convenience.

2.       To make Abacus practice engaging and fun, Master Mind gives students the access to software called Speed Building Software (SBS). Here, the computer system throws questions one after the other in an animated environment that does not give a feel of studying instead like that of a video game.  

3.       To ensure complete attention from students, we have adopted training methods like Score Board and Point card systems. These methods allow students to accumulate several points through their good performance in the classroom, which they can en-cash to get gifts of their choice, available at their center.

There are more such benefits from the Master Mind Abacus course. Do make sure that your child gets an Abacus training that he/she truly deserves. Visit us at   

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