Importance Of Educational Games In Today



The traditional method of teaching the students is inside a classroom where the students are taught using books and a board to simplify explanations. But, is that enough in this age where technology is being adapted in every field. Children need detailed knowledge, they are eager to learn more. To fulfill these demands, use of educational games solves a great purpose.


The educational games reforms the regular education patterns and prepares the students effectively for an integrated, interconnected and technology driven world.


These games serve as a value addition for children as it ensure higher involvement and participation of children. This is more effective as the students relates him or her with the situations of the game and thus dedicate themselves into it. All the more, while these games proceed, students discover and learn new topics in an interesting manner, which they can remember for a longer period.


The Educational games benefit the students in following ways:

·         Develops the basic skills like reading, language, math and social skills

·         Lets students discover new approaches and methods and so encourages thinking abilities

·         Attracts participation of individuals irrespective of the demographic traits like age, gender, status etc.

·         Helps students in setting and achieving goals through proper and timely evaluation

·         Examines individual characteristics like self-conceptualization, self-esteem, goal-setting etc.

·         Maintains one’s attention undividedly for a longer span of time

·         Encourages curiosity in students along with fun and entertainment

·         Increases novelty by putting up new challenges to be faced

·         Useful for acquiring computer and IT skills that has become the need for hour in present scenarios

·         Acts as a stimulator for learning as it has the ability to link games with reality


Understanding the present day need, we at Master Mind Abacus have adapted the technology through educational games for teaching Abacus to students. Abacus course is a long term course of 2 and half years, divided into 10 levels. To be good at using Abacus, it is important to practice it regularly. But, regular practice can be monotonous and can be accompanied by boredom, while games ensure new ways of practice that makes students more participative and active.


Students, who take Master Mind Abacus course, practice Abacus calculations on a gaming platform called the Speed Building Software. This software is colorful, vibrant, and attractive. The questions can be practiced easily at any point of time without being distracted or bored. 


To learn Abacus through educational games (together with the regular teaching methods), take the Abacus course at Master Mind for your kid. Children are taught mental arithmetic skills to excel in their academic career.

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