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Highest Score

     Level 1: 100 Time Taken [04:28:99]
       by Guest on 06/07/2014, 6:47 pm

     Level 2: 100 Time Taken [06:46:45]
       by Guest on 06/07/2015, 4:24 pm

     Level 3: 100 Time Taken [02:14:44]
       by Guest on 05/07/2014, 8:00 pm

     Level 4: 100 Time Taken [04:55:67]
       by Guest on 15/06/2014, 1:00 pm

     Level 5: 100 Time Taken [05:17:07]
       by Guest on 25/06/2011, 7:40 pm

     Level 6: 100 Time Taken [07:55:72]
       by Guest on 03/07/2014, 3:47 pm

     Level 7: 100 Time Taken [05:50:36]
       by Guest on 03/11/2012, 8:03 am

     Level 8: 97.75 Time Taken [10:00:]
       by Guest on 15/06/2011, 5:45 am

     Level 9: 93.75 Time Taken [10:00:]
       by Guest on 30/11/2013, 5:20 pm

     Level 10: 100 Time Taken [04:12:04]
       by Guest on 06/07/2014, 9:19 am

     Level 0: 100 Time Taken [03:33:61]
       by Guest on 04/11/2012, 5:59 am

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